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This Flat watch service was designed for the smaller Apartment Blocks that cannot afford Uniformed Security Officers.

We at PROEXEC believe the only way to be effective in security, especially in the Sea Point area where crime is becoming uncontrollable is to have a PRO ACTIVE approach.
We have a 24-hour Control centre that is in radio contact with our Armed Patrol Unints that carry out random patrols to our clients that sign up of our Flat watch service.
This service entails random patrols with our Patrol Units during the day and night. A Patrol Slip will be dropped off in the relevant Post box after the patrol has been completed. Any irregularities e.g.: Broken vehicle window will be reported onto the Patrol slip and into the site Occurrence Book.

This service is free to all 24 Hour Guarding Contracts.

Contact us should you be interested in this service or fill in our quotation request form below. Our Sales department will then make contact with you as soon as possible with an accurate quote.

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