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An unguarded asset is at risk and is vulnerable to attracting criminals, squatters or trespassers. PROEXEC offers fully vetted security officers to look after your home, security complex or block of flats in the greater CBD and Atlantic seaboard area . Our residential security contracts are flexible and we offer 12 hr day shift, 12 hr night shift or 24 hr contracts. We also supply residential guards on short term contracts and are always equipped and staffed should you require a guard on short notice.

Our residential guards will greatly reduce the risk of loss or damage and give our clients peace of mind in the knowledge that their people, property and possessions are secure and well looked after. This service is approached with the strictest of confidence by both our management and our staff. 
PROEXEC also ensures that all applicants are responsible and reliable individuals with no criminal background. This procedure provides a complete and comprehensive background check. A personal interview also ensures that the applicant is capable of dealing with pressurized situations and has an intuitive attitude towards implementing the correct actions when needed. All security personnel are rigorously trained by an Accredited Training School and are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority. PROEXEC is committed to ensure that those who are assigned to provide security to people and property are capable of performing to highest level and as an incentive towards excellence, staff are afforded the opportunity for personal advancement based on their performance within the company.
At PROEXEC we are particularly aware that the success of a service provider relies not only on attracting quality personnel, but also on selecting Staff best suited to each Client’s individual needs. Only suitable candidates are recruited for training as Security Officers. PROEXEC, employs a highly competent, competitive and dedicated Management Team. Our belief is in a proactive and hand-on approach to managing both the needs of our Clients as well as those of our Staff.
Our residential security sites are all equipped with the following:
Site Equipment:
• Occurrence Book
• Visitors Book
• Visitors Cards
• Contractors Log in book 
• Contractors ID Cards
• Site Cell Phone (Number to be distributed to all residents)
• First Aid Kit
• Security Warning boards to be placed in strategic places to serve as a deterrent.
• Torches
• Radios : All Security Officers will be in Radio Contact. The Site Seniors Radio will be in contact with all our Control Centre (networking security information)
PROEXEC will also provide each resident with a Fridge magnet with all relevant emergency numbers as well as telephone stickers with our emergency number.
Residential Security Officers Equipment:
• Security Officers to be dressed in corporate uniform (SABS Approved)
• Tear gas
• Hand Cuffs
• Surgical gloves for First Aid purposes
• Reflective jackets for emergency situations
• Pocket Book
• Identification Badge
• Tongfa (baton)

Contact our sales team here should you require any further information or complete the Quotation request form below.

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