PROEXEC SECURITY NETWORK was founded and established in 1999. We are a professional company that prides itself in the fact that we are a very dedicated, hard working and committed management Team. We are contract guarding specialists and work hand in hand with our clients in order to facilitate, implement and manage holistic security program individually tailored to suit the unique requirements of each client and their site.

Being a labour intensive business and acknowledging the fact that people are our "Product", we are realists and we have accepted the fact that human nature will also play a significant role in the services we provide. Because of this very fact, we never make any promises we can't keep and we never offer any guarantees however, we know that it is the management thereof that distinguishes the service we provide from that of our competitors. Given the opportunity we do believe that you will benefit from the services that PROEXEC SECURITY NETWORK can provide you with.

PROEXEC SECURITY NETWORK, the name that is synonymous with professionalism.

Geoff Levy with Jonty Rhodes at the Cricket world cup

Established in 1999 under the leadership of Geoff Levy, PROEXEC recognized that the future of South Africans depended heavily on the need for a secure and safe environment. Through that vision, PROEXEC proceeded to promote a service that provides the latest state-of-the-art security equipment, highly trained personnel and a service tailored to meet the individual requirements of each client. We pride ourselves on our expertise of planning and executing a broad spectrum of large scale, integral security projects. Our philosophy is based on creating an optimum and cost effective system, integrating the human factor, technical aspects and capabilities, manuals and procedures.

Not only does PROEXEC strive to reach a pinnacle of excellence, but is also committed to providing a humanistic resource. "We are there to not only offer our clientele stability and responsibility through professionalism, but to provide them with our personal touch and trustworthiness". With all these attributes, PROEXEC continues to expand and improve on our existing services in order to provide the market with the safest and most secure lifestyle possible.

PROEXEC has a simple viewpoint: "Our Clients Deserve the Best" This viewpoint has resulted in the company being able to maintain a manageable size and therefor ensure our Client satisfaction. PROEXEC SECURITY NETWORK reputation is built on a solid foundation that is comprised of responsibility, dedication, quality and performance.

We strive to provide the best professionally managed security and loss control service to clients who are serious about their long-term risk management. We are committed to improving the quality of life of all employees through impartial employment, equal opportunity and continuing development.

Through service excellence and company pride, PROEXEC is geared to provide a comprehensive and effective service in all aspects of the Security Industry. "It’s not a matter of no-one else being able to keep up. It’s a matter of no-one else being able to follow our example."

PROEXEC offer a vast and comprehensive service portfolio. They are meticulously adjusted to suit the individual requirements. We believe that security is not an insular function but rather an integral part of any given venture. Accordingly, we adapt to fit particular circumstances and requirements of each individual client for the security to be effective. To ensure the consistent maintenance of all security objectives on your premises, we utilize a meticulously planned work schedule. The schedule will be compiled by our liaison officer in consultation with your staff and will be reviewed with our Personnel as a routine monthly task.

PROEXEC ensures that all applicants are responsible and reliable individuals with no criminal background. This procedure provides a complete and comprehensive background check. A personal interview also ensures that the applicant is capable of dealing with pressurized situations and has an intuitive attitude towards implementing the correct actions when needed. All security personnel are rigorously trained by an Accredited Training School and are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority. PROEXEC is committed to ensure that those who are assigned to provide security to people and property are capable of performing to highest level and as an incentive towards excellence, staff are afforded the opportunity for personal advancement based on their performance within the company.

At PROEXEC we are particularly aware that the success of a service provider relies not only on attracting quality personnel, but also on selecting Staff best suited to each Client’s individual needs. Only suitable candidates are recruited for training as Security Officers. PROEXEC, employs a highly competent, competitive and dedicated Management Team. Our belief is in a proactive and hand-on approach to managing both the needs of our Clients as well as those of our Staff.

PROEXEC are proud to say that we do not compromise the fact that our Clients must receive personalized attention at all times and that our staff are managed in an environment where self-growth is encouraged and where an open line of communication is standard policy. Therefore, enforcing an efficient and well managed security program is of the utmost importance to our company.

Should you have any queries or should you want a representative from our company to come and meet with you, please feel free to contact us at our Head Office.


  • Our 24 Hour Control Centre is based in Sea Point. (Unit 1A Sea Point Medical Centre)
  • We have over 12 years experience in security.
  • We understand the community and their security needs.
  • We cater for specific security requirements.
  • We have a hands on approach. (Owner managed)
  • We pride ourselves in having a professional, efficient and effective service.
  • We respond to all calls at no extra charge to the client.
  • All information gathered at our security sites are collated, analysed and passed on to all our sites for extra awaremenss and specific surveilance e.g theft scams. 
  • We provide security services to over 90 buildings in the Sea point area.
  • All our guards and sites are radio and cell phone linked. (Networking security information to all our guarding sites)
  • We do frequent site checks and pro-active patrols with our mobile units. (Sea point based)
  • We pay our staff above regulated (S.I.R.A) security officers rates.
  • Strict selection of personnel.
  • We make use of top quality uniforms and equipment.
  • We only employ South African born personnel (Employ over 250 staff) 


Our mission statement:


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