Local ratepayers and residents association roll out eagerly awaited Phase 1
An exciting Crime & Grime initiative, developed by the Sea Point, Fresnaye and Bantry Bay Ratepayers and Residents Association (SFB), launches on 3 August 2015. Developed in response to increased criminal activity and cleanliness issues in the area, the initiative aims to provide a safe and clean area for visitors as well as those residing in the various neighbourhoods.
The Mouille Point Success Story
The inspiration for the Crime & Grime initiative came from the continued efforts of ward councillor Jacques Weber and the success of sister area Mouille Point. SFB Vice-Chair and Safety and Cleansing project manager Marco van Embden has first-hand experience implementing and managing initiatives such as this through his role as chair of the Mouille Point Ratepayers Association. Mouille Point’s project serves as a model for how a community can take safety into their own hands. The results of the project have been many-fold including a large and consistent reduction of crime, fast response to reported incidents and the increased use and enjoyment of public spaces by residents and visitors alike. The increase of property values has escalated in the neighbourhood.
Divide and Conquer
The SFB ward has grown substantially over the past few years leading to increased activity (commercial and residential) and a need for greater, more responsive and visible security as well as a focus on cleaning. Understanding that each segment has its own set of needs and challenges, the team has divided Sea Point, Fresnaye, Bantry Bay and Three Anchor Bay into smaller, more manageable zones.
Phase 1 Roll Out
The first phase of the project covers Beach Road from Three Anchor Bay to Saunders, including the Promenade, London and Marais Roads. Security by ProExec will include 3 Segways covering the three zones of Phase 1.
The SFB have raised enough money to fund a day shift covering the first phase for 365 days per year.
The cleansing will take place twice a week and will be done by the NPO Straatwerk.  Doggy bag dispensers filled with bags, sponsored by CitiVet, will be available along the grassed area. . As the uptake from residents increases so will the surveillance with the short term goal being a 24/7 security presence and cleansing service.
Community Buy In
There has been a positive response from the community thus far with businesses such as the Winchester Mansions, Peninsula Hotel, Radisson Blu Le Vendome Hotel, La Vie, La Perla and Seven Spur coming on board.  Many  apartment blocks have also pledged their support.
Seeff and Pam Golding Properties have come on board as the inaugural sponsors to kick start the project and the SFB thanks these companies for their valued support and commitment to the Sea Point, Fresnaye and Bantry Bay neighbourhoods.
Currently we have Segways sponsored by Blok Urban Living, the Spur Group and Imperial Green Mobility. Kindly contact the SFB for further information. There are various sponsorship opportunities available for businesses including Segway and security vehicle sponsorship.
Call to Action
All body corporates and trustees are encouraged to contact us in order to support this initiative. The SFB Coordinator, Toni van Eyssen
Together we aim to provide a safer, cleaner area for all.
Proexec is extremely proud to be part of this innitiave and we are committed to make a success of it. 

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